Vice Health and Wellness Inc. (“VICE” or the “Company”) (CSE: VICE) (FSE: Z24) (OTC: VICFF) is pleased to announce that effective August 16, 2023, it has engaged a premier AI software development firm to develop a proprietary AI software enabled application aimed at revolutionizing weight loss and addiction management. This collaboration aims to craft an exclusive, fully-owned AI software platform, spanning web, iOS, and Android applications, poised to reshape the domains of weight loss and addiction management. This AI-powered platform is being build with the intention of redefining how individuals’ approach their personal health and wellness journeys. The Company is actively charting the functionality of this application and intends to incorporate features such as Personalized Diet Plans, Calorie and Nutrition Tracking, Progress Monitoring, as well as fostering social support and community engagement. Under the terms of the agreement the Company has paid a deposit of $50,000 development work which will occur over an expected period of two months. Throughout the AI software’s development process, the Company is committed to providing regular updates to its stakeholders.

Under the internal banner of “VICE VERSA,” the software project will be designed to encompass the following core principles:

Targeting Obesity and Addiction: Recognizing the global significance of obesity and addiction as critical health challenges, the Company is resolute in its commitment to catalyzing positive transformations in people’s lives. Through the use of AI software, the Company plans to offer tailored guidance and support, assisting users in conquering detrimental habits.

Precise Insights through Data: Employing state-of-the-art AI technology, the Company’s software will collect data about user behaviors and patterns linked to weight management and addictive tendencies. This data will be used to empower the software to glean invaluable insights into each user’s unique necessities and obstacles, thus enabling an individualized and effective approach to achieving wellness objectives.

Privacy and Personalization as core Pillars: Recognizing the importance of privacy and the distinctiveness of each health journey, the software will anonymize and secure user data, safeguarding identities, and sensitive information. Furthermore, the Company will incorporate a personalized experience, allowing users to configure their preferences and goals, ensuring a journey that resonates on a personal level.

Empowering Conversations with GPT: The Company plans to seamlessly integrated GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) technology into its application. This innovation enables natural language interactions, enabling users to engage in meaningful dialogues with the software. Users can solicit advice, receive tailored feedback, and maintain motivation through conversational and user-centric interactions.

Continuous Learning and Real-time Guidance: The application will be engineered with advanced machine learning algorithms for perpetual growth and refinement. This architecture will ensure the application provides up-to-date, evidence-backed counsel and assistance to users. Real-time prompts and feedback function as gentle reminders, sustaining users’ enthusiasm and focus on their wellness goals.

Maijec Lis, CEO and Director of Vice Health and Wellness Inc., states, “After months of meticulous internal deliberation and thorough industry research, we are thrilled to launch our strategy to harness AI software development applications to aid individuals in weight loss and addiction management. Through this health and wellness platform, our mission is to empower individuals to seize command of their health, offering unwavering personalized support every step of the way.”