Outerbounds today announces a strategic collaboration with systems integrator Codemate to help enterprises develop and deploy bespoke AI/ML solutions on Outerbounds’ robust and proven ML/AI platform.

As enterprises transition from isolated AI/ML prototypes to critical business applications, they face the challenge of integrating domain expertise, customizations, and reliable ML infrastructure. This collaboration addresses these challenges by combining Codemate’s expertise in custom-tailored solutions with Outerbounds’ proven platform.

Tailored Solutions on a Proven Foundation

There is no one size fits all when it comes to building production-grade, differentiated AI/ML solutions. Enterprises need solutions that incorporate their unique domain expertise, seamlessly integrate with existing systems, and comply with internal policies. “With over 17 years of experience in developing enterprise-grade custom software Codemate understands the technical and operational requirements of large organizations”, said Toni Piirainen, CEO and co-founder of Codemate.

To accelerate time-to-market and ensure a positive ROI in AI, it’s crucial to build tailored solutions on a proven platform rather than starting from scratch. “Since 2017, we’ve provided infrastructure powering AI and ML at Netflix and thousands of other AI-mature organizations through our industry-standard, open-source platform, Metaflow. This allows companies to rapidly build data-intensive solutions on a proven foundation, securely running in their environment”, said Ville Tuulos, CEO and co-founder of Outerbounds.

A New Offering Based on Long-term Partnership

Outerbounds and Codemate have a proven history of collaboration, having worked together on developing Metaflow in partnership with Netflix and other contributors. This collaboration ensures that Metaflow meets the real-world needs of enterprises across various industries. Today, Metaflow is adopted by hundreds of leading AI/ML organizations in sectors such as life sciences, industrial applications, retail, and financial services.

In response to the growing demand for AI-powered solutions, Outerbounds and Codemate are now offering a comprehensive package of professional services and a platform that enables organizations to develop, deploy, and operate innovative AI/ML-powered products and services quickly and cost-effectively, even with minimal prior expertise and in-house resources.

When adopting Outerbounds with Codemate, customers will benefit from:

  • Tailored systems design and goal assessment which ensure that the system matches the customer’s requirements and incorporates their domain expertise, and benefits from the latest ML and AI models and techniques.
  • Access to state-of-the-art, privacy-protected generative AI models thanks to Outerbounds’ partnership with NVIDIA, allowing you to deploy and operate AI models in your own environment, guaranteeing cost-efficiency, privacy, and compliance.
  • Rapid, iterative development and integration services resulting in quick proof-of-value and time-to-market, delivered by Codemate’s development team that has a deep understanding of Outerbounds and other systems involved.
  • Sustainable, cost-effective long-term operations provided by Outerbounds’ fully managed platform, securely running on the customer’s cloud account and on-premises.
  • Codemate’s services for the entire software system life cycle: from discovery workshops to successful deployment, post-release support, and continuous development aligned with business-driven targets.