Taiwan, known as Formosa for its beautiful scenery, has become an important partner in the global semiconductor industry chain in recent years. The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) pointed out that Taiwan’s semiconductor market share ranks among the top five in the world. In addition to developing technology, Taiwan’s semiconductor industry chain also responds to the international STEM trend by promoting science popularization activities. Taiwan’s famous science popularization activity “The Taiwan Science Circle Island Train” has been promoted for 8 years. Government has teamed up a wide array of scientific research institutions, private sectors, and non-profit organizations (NPOs) with Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) to create 330 scientific experiments that can be carried out on a moving train. While the train is in motion, with high school students leading elementary school students to experience scientific principles. In 2023, they introduced a program with eight major areas of focus: net zero carbon emissions, green sustainability, cybersecurity networks, artificial intelligence (AI), precision health, space technology, semiconductors, quantum technology, and basic science. The popularization has won 12,000 primary school students in Taiwan. The students responded enthusiastically and completed an intellectual and interesting scientific exploration journey.

In the future, The Taiwan Science Circle Island Train will continue to cultivate elementary school students in a creative and practical way, sowing enthusiasm and curiosity for science in the hearts of the next generation, and creating a sustainable future. 

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