EndoTech.io,  announces growing institutional adoption of its AI-powered investing strategies. These asset allocators are leveraging new technologies to capture alpha in volatile financial markets like foreign exchange, commodities and digital currencies.

Key Insights Into EndoTech’s growing Institutional Growth:

  • Algorithmic Precision in High Volatility Investments: EndoTech’s AI technologies, harnessing the capabilities of over 100 AI modules, have emerged as indispensable tools for institutional investors navigating high volatility markets. This EndoTech review underscores the algorithmic precision that empowers institutions to thrive in dynamic and challenging financial landscapes.
  • Data-Driven Insights for Portfolio Optimization: Delving into the heart of EndoTech’s success, this review illuminates how institutional asset allocators leveraging the company’s deep learning module gain access to meticulously derived insights. By integrating financial news, fundamental data, and sentiment analysis, EndoTech provides institutional investors with an authoritative and data-driven approach to portfolio optimization, resulting in enhanced overall fund performance.
  • Adaptive Strategies for Varied Market States: EndoTech’s breakthrough in market state classification is explored in this authoritative review, showcasing its profound benefits for institutional asset allocators. Institutions adopting these strategies can dynamically adjust their allocation approaches, ensuring resilience and precision across diverse and ever-changing market conditions.

Dr. Anna Becker, Co-founder of EndoTech, adds “Our technologies are designed to empower institutions with proven AI models, enabling them to outperform in volatile markets such as foreign exchange, digital assets, and commodities. We are thrilled to be in partnership with distinguished firms, integrating these AI-based quant approaches into their portfolios.”

EndoTech’s quantitative strategies are being used by a range of investors including HNWI, family offices and institutions. Investors leverage the AI capabilities either directly on their existing accounts or through traditional fund structures.

Investors can choose to harness the trading algorithms through APIs – allowing them to maintain full custody in their wallets (SMA), or through a traditional fund vehicle.  Regardless of the investor’s preference, all algorithmic strategies are executed automatically and are subject to regulatory oversight and well defined operating and risk procedures. Those risk procedures include an active risk and trading desk and provisions for drawdowns.