KuCard, a Visa debit card by KuCoin, will support multiple virtual and physical cards starting from July 1st, 2024, enhancing convenience and accessibility for KuCard users. This exciting update allows users to manage multiple cards seamlessly, all eligible for its generous cashback program.

This strategic move greatly enhances KuCard holders’ financial flexibility and convenience, whether for personal use, managing family expenses, or maintaining separate cards for different spending categories. It enables seamless budgeting, improved expense tracking, and easier access to funds, all while enjoying the benefits of KuCard’s crypto-to-fiat conversion and cashback rewards.

To celebrate this milestone, KuCard is launching a limited-time offer ending on July 7th, allowing users to apply for a second virtual card for free or a second physical card for just EUR 9.99. This promotion is available on a first-come, first-served basis during the campaign period. It’s the perfect time to equip your family members with their own KuCard and collectively enjoy the benefits of Web3.

KuCard recently launched its ongoing cashback programs which offer up to 3% cashback on purchases for all cardholders, including multiple cardholders, with tiered rewards based on spending, providing users with even more value as they use their cards.