Virtual Internet, the leader in Software 5G (Fifth Generation) Mobile Broadband technology announced it had begun distribution of Virtual 5G for Android Auto. Virtual Internet is the first to bring Global 5G to the Automobile Industry.

Android Auto dominates the industry with 4 out of 5 cars implementing Android Auto, with over 500 models supported.

The importance of 5G for all autos through Virtual 5G for Android Auto cannot be overstated.  There are 1.5 billion vehicles worldwide in daily operation. Globally, people spend 4.5 years of their life in a vehicle. In the US alone, drivers are on the road for 160 million hours every day, that averages to each driver spending seven 40-hour weeks behind the wheel each year. These drivers need 5G service but instead they rely on 3G technology developed in the early 1980s. Virtual 5G is now uniquely able to fill the capability gap that exists in the life of every single vehicle occupant.

Connected Cars

Cars have a modem chipset, a SIM, which is essentially the same as a smartphone. The modem chip connects with cell towers. Car occupants connect in-car using Wi-Fi. Just as Home Internet relies upon an ISP for Internet, with hardwired cables, then distributes the connection through the house using a Wi-Fi router, a vehicle connects to the Internet through cellular data connection, then broadcasts the cellular data signal to devices in the vehicle using your car as a mobile hotspot. Even OnStar, which uses GPS satellites to track vehicles, relies on cellular carriers. In cars, streaming movies, TV, or music rely on only a 3G or 4G LTE cellular data connection.

Virtual 5G for Android Auto

Virtual 5G for Android Auto brings 5G Mobile Broadband service to every make and model of automobile that supports Android Auto.

Connected Cars today rely on service that is only 3G/4G, which can be as slow as 144 kbit/s, that includes cars with built in or aftermarket Wi-Fi, and even external Wi-Fi. Virtual 5G for Android Auto 5G Mobile Broadband service is hundreds even thousands of times faster.

Connected Cars rely on 3G/4G service that is regional, even local. Virtual 5G for Android Auto 5G Mobile Broadband service is Global.

Connected Cars rely on 3G/4G service which is based on the chips installed in the vehicle when manufactured.  Virtual 5G for Android Auto allows these vehicles to immediately receive 5G Mobile Broadband service because V5G is backwards compatible with existing cars with Android Auto as well as new cars being sold with Android Auto, no changes in hardware needed.

Connected Cars limit the number of devices that can connect to the vehicle modem chip which enables Internet connectivity through cell towers. Virtual 5G for Android Auto with Virtual Web allows unlimited occupants to connect to the Internet through Virtual 5G.

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