UpdatePromise is pleased to announce the launch of Harmony AI, the newest enhancement to its cutting-edge Consumer Experience Management System (CEMS). As a 24/7 virtual assistant, Harmony AI sets a new standard for appointment scheduling, effortlessly generating appointments over the phone, ensuring that every customer phone call, regardless of operating hours, receives prompt and professional attention.

Moreover, Harmony AI extends its capabilities beyond appointment scheduling to provide executive assistant support. It efficiently processes and analyzes reports on the dashboards page, delivering managers invaluable insights for informed decision-making. This integration of cutting-edge technology into our CEMS underscores our commitment to elevating operational efficiency and delivering an unparalleled consumer experience in the automotive industry.

“The introduction of Harmony AI represents a significant stride towards aligning with our company’s strategic objectives.” States Curtis Nixon, President and CEO of UpdatePromise, “With a focus on growing business and profitability, maintaining operational excellence, and ensuring no customer is left behind, Harmony AI embodies a commitment to answering all calls 24/7, addressing messages within 1 hour, and preventing escalations.”

This innovative solution not only enhances our capacity by 30 full-time equivalents (FTE) but also boosts productivity by an impressive 1 hour per person per day. Embracing the symbiotic relationship of Human + AI, Harmony AI is poised to contribute to increased revenues, marking a transformative advancement in dealership performance.

With Harmony AI, UpdatePromise is pioneering the integration of artificial intelligence with a human touch, delivering unparalleled automation that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of modern dealerships. Experience the future of automotive dealership management with Harmony AI.