CyberFilm is excited to introduce SAGA, an innovative AI-driven filmmaking application developed by industry professionals Andrew Palmer (Producer, Director, Screenwriter of Synapz Productions) and Russell Palmer (Product Manager, Microsoft, Samsung, JPMorgan Chase), SAGA seamlessly combines Hollywood expertise with cutting-edge technology.  This integration places powerful filmmaking tools directly into the hands of storytellers, empowering them to create high-quality films.

SAGA offers comprehensive script writing assistance and storyboard creation, acting as the perfect “script doctor” and writing companion. This app guides users in crafting scripts, developing characters, and generating original plot twists. Stewart Lyons, Producer of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, gives SAGA a rave review, stating, “It asks the questions you need the answers for,” while Rhys Ryan, CEO of Ekkobar and Co-Creator of Scenechronize, praises it as a “great writing partner” that helps users build compelling stories collaboratively.

In addition to powerful script support, users can leverage AI to create storyboards enriched with concept art, enhancing the emotional impact of their narratives.

CyberFilm AI envisions a future where generative AI strengthens the creative landscape, augmenting human intelligence without replacing it. SAGA aims to be an accessible resource for industry professionals, independent creators, and students alike, transforming the filmmaking and learning process. The platform aims to grow the industry globally, adding more jobs without replacing artists.

In line with their commitment to a positive filmmaking experience, CyberFilm AI prioritizes user ownership and data security. The company aspires to be one of the first artist-friendly AI companies, ensuring creators retain full ownership over the images and text generated and no model re-training on what they create in the app.

Looking ahead, SAGA plans to support animation and photo-realistic synthetic video, enabling users to create short films or content for social media platforms.

CyberFilm AI is a dynamic blend of human creative expertise and AI innovation, committed to democratizing the filmmaking process. With CyberFilm AI, the company aims to empower storytellers and content creators globally.

To experience the power of SAGA, creators can sign up at for a 3-day free trial, and subscribe for $19.99 USD per month.