OpenText™ (NASDAQ: OTEX), (TSX: OTEX), the information company, today began its OpenText World Europe event taking place in three locations, London, Munich and Paris, April 15 – 18. OpenText is excited to bring together customers, partners, and industry luminaries to explore the transformative power of information management and artificial intelligence (AI) to elevate human potential.

On the first day of the conference, OpenText will announce its strategic Titanium X roadmap and the specifics of Cloud Editions (CE) 24.2. With its latest advancements in Business Clouds, Business AI, and Business Technology, OpenText is putting forth practical solutions ranging from AI-persona assistants for business operations to next generation search and IOT technologies. OpenText is innovating to combine trusted information management and data strategies with advanced AI capabilities. 

In his keynote, CEO & CTO Mark J. Barrenechea will address how customers can be more creative and more productive with OpenText. “Throughout history, pivotal moments have propelled industries, societies, and cultures forward. AI is such a moment—a catalyst that will revolutionize the business landscape,” said Barrenechea. “As we usher in the era of Business AI, we need to let the machines do the work, and raise human productivity and creativity. This is OpenText’s focus with OpenText Aviator™.”

Throughout his keynote and conversations with industry luminaries, Barrenechea will illustrate how technology can enable organizations to build for new ways to think and grow. Key take-aways include:

  • Adopt an AI Mindset – Embrace the destination of frictionless decision making. Learn autonomic decisions to reimagine your business.
  • Unlock Productivity – Ensure automation and AI are not separated. Automate the information and then prompt it with the right questions. Never waste anything.
  • Data and Trust – Secure and govern the data. Be specific for the domains and compliance standards you solve for, so you can trust the outcomes of AI-driven decisions.
  • Let the Machines Do the Work – Stive for error proof processing by removing human errors, humans overwhelmed by data, and humans using and creating software. 
  • Raise Human Potential – Empower people through a new mindset, new levels of productivity, and new trust in autonomous decisions. Simplify to raise creativity, efficiency, and imagination.

Following OpenText’s CEO, Muhi Majzoub, OpenText EVP and Chief Product Officer, will discuss how cloud and AI converge in business transformation as all companies become software companies. He will dive into the OpenText Cloud roadmap and showcase how DevOps and supply chain traceability can now be taken to a new level. 

“Not so long ago the DevOps movement was a revolutionary shift in the technology industry that delivered unprecedented competitive advantage to all kinds of organizations and has kept us agile and responsive in the highly competitive retail landscape,” said Leon Van Niekerk, head of testing, PickNPay. “Now, AI is poised to revolutionize DevOps practices by introducing unprecedented levels of automation, efficiency, and intelligence into software development and operation. As an early user of OpenText DevOps Aviator, we’re already seeing how the technology is not only going to automate and speed testing and development it will, more importantly, allow our staff to focus on high-value activities and innovation.” 

OpenText World is a hands-on learning ground to enable technologists to take the next of their information journey. The conference will provide a unique opportunity for attendees to dive deep into the world of modern work, business fabrics, developer, security, and infrastructure & application automation. OpenText’s vision and strategy is to solve tomorrow’s most complex problems with information management technology that serve as a catalyst for transformation and empowerment.