Martello launches its unique Carbon Stream Map (CSM) to enable measurement of carbon emissions within organisations and their supply chains and appoints David Sleep as Commercial Director to expand its senior leadership team and support its growth across the UK and EU. 

Jonny Mulligan, Managing Director, commented, “The EU Green Deal and mandatory carbon reporting via the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is an increasing challenge for organisations. The Carbon Stream Map is an agile, scalable solution that measures scope 1,2 and 3 carbon emissions and enables companies to meet mandatory carbon reporting standards. This data’s accurate measurement and reporting is critical for companies hoping to maintain investor trust, raise capital and protect their future valuation”.

Over 55,000 new companies have been impacted by EU green deal legislation, with millions more to follow. The tightening of anti-greenwashing legislation, regulatory fines, carbon taxation and being barred from the EU market are driving action and compliance.

Vincent Leese, Operations Director, said, “The Carbon Stream Map can capture the carbon footprint in an individual organisation and within its supply chain. By analysing and visualising the entire process from raw materials to finished goods, organisations can identify their carbon footprint, carbon liabilities and areas for improvement. Mapping the carbon stream creates a blueprint to decarbonise your organisation and supply chain. It prioritises where efforts will yield overall improvement”.

After two years of development, Martello is ready with their Carbon Stream Map to support companies outside the EU that must follow mandatory carbon and supply chain reporting to trade in the European market.

David Sleep, Commercial Director, continued, “With up to 60% of carbon sitting upstream with multinational companies, the Carbon Stream Map is a highly effective approach for companies to go downstream to identify, understand and reduce their operational risks and carbon liabilities to meet compliance”. 

Martello is well-placed to capitalise on the growth of the carbon compliance ESG market. The ESG services segment is projected to reach £124.5 bn (CARG 32.3%) by 2025, while the ESG software segment alone is valued at £3.44 bn (30% CARG) by 2027.

The business now operates across the UK and Europe. 

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