Ancora Semiconductor Inc. has recently passed a series of rigorous DMTBF (Demonstrated Mean Time Between Failures) tests for its double-sided cooling GaN (Gallium Nitride) field-effect transistor. These tests have verified that Ancora components can maintain superior performance over long periods (200,000 hours), highlighting the high reliability and dependability of its products. This product line has been incorporated into the XPG FUSION 1600W Titanium-grade power supply developed in collaboration with Delta Electronics Inc. and ADATA Technology Co., Ltd.

Ancora Semiconductor (Ancora) offers an industry-exclusive dual-sided heat dissipation component, the FET-E6007PD020. This product not only facilitates top-side heat dissipation applications but also features characteristics such as reduced electrical-thermal coupling risks and enhanced heat dissipation efficiency. Its patented dual-sided heat dissipation structure effectively separates electrical and thermal elements, further addressing heat conduction issues in high-power products.

Furthermore, its unique packaging structure reduces parasitic inductance, enhancing the efficiency of power products and demonstrating superior performance in high efficiency, high density, high frequency, and temperature control. This product line’s exceptional performance meets the demands of advanced applications such as servers, AI (Artificial Intelligence), high-performance computing, medical, and networking, providing customers with outstanding power solutions.

Dr. TK Shing, General Manager of Ancora Semiconductor, commented, “The application of wide bandgap semiconductor GaN devices has brought revolutionary breakthroughs to power electronics. Leveraging GaN’s outstanding physical characteristics, we can achieve high efficiency and miniaturization. In addition to the FET-E6007PD020, a 650V dual-sided heat dissipation GaN device, Ancora Semiconductor will continue to expand its product line, offering a variety of (GaN) devices to meet different design requirements.

Mr. Ares Chen, General Manager of Delta Electronics’ Power and System Business Group, pointed out, “The DMTBF test results demonstrate the reliability and stability of Ancora products, enabling higher power density and more robust energy-saving effects. We look forward to Ancora launching more products and continuing to accelerate collaboration in high-power power supply units, providing customers with even higher quality products and services.”

Ancora Semiconductor is committed to providing customers with high-quality GaN semiconductor solutions. The launch of FET-E6007PD020 once again demonstrates Ancora’s leading position in technology. The core team at Ancora boasts over 15 years of professional experience in the GaN power semiconductor field, with over 200 high-value patents accumulated globally. Over the years, Ancora has closely collaborated with industry-leading companies such as TSMC and ROHM Co., Ltd to introduce GaN products that meet market demands, including discrete GaNFETs and SiP product combinations with integrated gate drivers. Through strategic partnerships with Delta Electronics and ADATA Technology this time, Ancora Semiconductor further expands its product offerings to meet customers’ demands for high-performance power supplies, providing even more reliable solutions. For more product information, please visit the Ancora Semiconductor official website at