Logicalis, the leading global technology service provider, today announces the release of the next generation of its Digital Fabric Platform, providing CIOs with deeper-level insights and recommendations to underpin the performance of their entire digital ecosystem.

The Digital Fabric Platform was first launched by Logicalis in April 2023, designed to give CIOs a real-time view of how their entire digital ecosystem is performing across five metrics including reliability, security and compliance, economics, user experience and environment, and benchmarked across industry standards. Following a successful initial uptake from over 200 digital managed services customers across EMEA, Australia and the United States, Logicalis has updated the platform with a focus on providing more detailed insights, greater transparency, and actionable AI-powered recommendations. 

The key updates in the Digital Fabric Platform Include:

  • Updated UI – The enhanced user interface is clean and visually appealing, making it easy for users to visualise their insights on a single page and action recommendations immediately.
  • Overall health score – the platform gives an overall health score that looks beyond individual devices or configuration items to the entire network, cloud, security and workplace service.
  • Deeper insights – The upgraded platform shows high, medium and low-impact recommendations to improve the health of a customer’s digital ecosystem, alongside historical progress and performance data and estimated versus actual savings made. This expanded intelligence empowers CIOs to swiftly identify key priorities to improve their digital fabric with the help of AI and automation tools.
  • Knowledge base – A new knowledge base section will act as an encyclopedia of the tool, giving customers answers to any questions they may have from how Logicalis calculates metrics, to interpreting health scores. This vault will continuously evolve to match customer needs enabling them to navigate the platform and insights confidently.

Toby Alcock, CTO, Logicalis says: “We’re excited to unveil our latest Digital Fabric Platform release to the market. Our customers’ voices and feedback are at the heart of our continuous product innovation and have been the driving force behind these platform enhancements. Through the platform’s new interface and richer insights, we’re empowering the CIO with board-level visibility.”