Gcore, an international cloud and edge solutions provider, has today announced the opening of its new AI Cloud cluster in Newport in Wales. Built with Graphcore’s innovative IPUs, it provides even the smallest companies with access to enterprise-scale IT resources, democratising opportunities for AI development across the UK and Europe.

The opening of the new cluster in Newport marks the third point of presence (PoP) for Gcore’s AI Cloud, which already has sites in the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The location was a strategic decision based on three key factors: the UK government’s commitment to advancing and integrating AI technologies; the high internet penetration rates in the UK, and the country’s position as one of the largest digital economies in the world.

“The opening of Gcore’s AI Cloud cluster in Newport, in partnership with Graphcore, is an important step towards building one of the first European AI infrastructure. This move will enable businesses of all sizes to integrate innovations and easily access cutting-edge AI technology,” commented Seva Vayner, Director of Edge Cloud stream at Gcore.

This new cluster represents an essential milestone for businesses looking to integrate AI innovations quickly and conveniently. The Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model provides access to Graphcore’s specialised AI hardware. On a pay-per-minute basis, companies of all sizes can now tap into hardware resources facilitated by processors offering superior price/performance compares to GPUs for a wide variety of AI applications, to accelerate their AI initiatives and developments. Now available will be hardware including Graphcore BOW-PODs, IPU-PODs, and BOW-vPODs. The Gcore AI Cloud also includes software tools and integrations such as PyTorch, Keras, TensorFlow, Hugging Face, Paddle, and ONNX to support ML and AI work.

With its new AI Cloud cluster launch in Newport, Gcore is continuing the expansion of its global cloud solutions. The company has built a strong presence in over 140 regions and has more than 20 cloud locations. Customers can access faster innovation by managing technical infrastructure, storage, security, and setup requirements using Gсore’s wealth of services. From protected bare metal servers and virtual instances to cloud storage and specialised AI hardware, Gcore provides businesses of all sizes with cutting-edge technology to drive their developments forward.