Rokid is celebrating this Father’s Day by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) technologies to offer a heartfelt gift: a video that recreates a father’s golden years and captures the beloved moments of their love through AR glasses. Rediscover the deep, enduring affection of fathers through advanced technologies.

Recreating Fathers’ Glory Days with AR Technology

With Rokid AR glasses, three pairs of fathers and children from diverse backgrounds transcend time and space to revisit cherished moments from the past.

The glasses Using AI technology to restore these fathers’ old photos and recreate their youthful charisma.—whether capturing a young father’s joyful moments with his son, a middle-aged father’s quiet dedication to his family, or an elderly father’s resilience through life’s changes. As they wear the glasses, they experience youth again, sharing in the laughter and tears of his early years.

The immersive AR experience not only allows fathers to see themselves as young men and observe their daily sacrifices, it also deepens their understanding of the profound and enduring nature of a father’s love, encouraging their children to cherish every moment spent together.

Behind this gift lies the perfect combination of AI and AR technology. The AR glasses worn by the fathers in the video are the new-generation spatial computing kit AR Lite released by Rokid this year. The restoration of the photos was accomplished through AI technology, and then presented to the fathers’ eyes through the memory function in the AR glasses.

At the same time, the video production, background music, lyrics, production, and singing of the song were all completed by AI.

Great Figures Shine in the AR World

In the river of time, yellowed old photos carry the memories and warmth of countless families. As time passes, these precious photos may fade or even become damaged, obscuring those beloved moments.

Fortunately, emerging technologies offer a new avenue to relive valued moments.

This year, Rokid introduced its next-generation spatial computing suite, AR Lite, and showcased the solution’s unique technology in the video.

The AR Lite not only recognizes every detail in the photo but also makes real-time adjustments based on the user’s perspective and movements, enhancing the realism and vividness of the images. The immersive experience deepens our connection to the warmth of our fathers captured in the photos, along with the marks left by time. It feels as though we can hear their laughter and conversations from their youth and feel the tenderness and care in their embrace.

The emotional interaction not only brings memories to life in a more vivid and realistic way but also allows us to cherish and preserve these valued moments in a new and meaningful manner.

Delivering Warmth with Technology

While we often utilize technology to solve problems and enhance efficiency, we rarely consider the emotional value and warmth it can offer.

Rokid released this video on Father’s Day to harness technology’s power, enabling people to experience the tenderness and strength of a father’s love.

Technology isn’t just about changing lives; it’s also a medium to convey love and affection. Recently, Rokid launched the AR Lite set on Kickstarter, continuing to share these heartwarming stories with everyone.