South Korean AI startup Wayne Hills Bryant A.I. (Hereinafter referred to as Wayne Hills) has introduces its latest innovation, Wayne Hills Einstein A.I. This new technology is set to transform how we generate and recommend personalized text content, offering detailed insights into economics, management, and finance through advanced machine learning and AI.

Distinguishing itself from similar services like ChatGPT and Google Search, Wayne Hills Einstein A.I. uniquely sources data from top-tier publications including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, New York Times, Bloomberg, and Yahoo Finance. Additionally, it’s gearing up to include strategy and insight reports from major firms such as Ark Investment, Sequoia Capital, McKinsey, Gartner, and others in the fourth quarter.

Wayne Hills Einstein A.I. enhances user search experience by allowing specific keyword and sentence inputs, delivering concise summaries and relevant article references. It supports multiple languages, including Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and German, catering to a diverse global audience.

Soo Min Lee, the CEO of Wayne Hills, emphasizes the AI Convergence Architecture Data LLM, known as Wayne Hills Einstein One, as the core of this advancement. This feature is designed to revolutionize user engagement with news and media, offering an automated platform for creating a variety of text-based responses, images, and videos, thus enriching the overall digital information experience.

Key Benefits for Various Users

  • Researchers & Academics: Access in-depth information from reputable financial and economic sources for scholarly research.
  • Business Professionals: Stay updated with global market insights and strategies from leading consulting firms.
  • Media Consumers: Enjoy a tailored news reading experience with automated content generation in multiple languages.
  • Content Creators and Marketers: Leverage AI-generated summaries and media for engaging content creation.
  • Multilingual Users: Utilize the platform in various languages, making it accessible to a global audience.