Wondershare Repairit, a prominent software solutions provider, is thrilled to unveil the latest iteration of its groundbreaking software – V5.5 for desktop and V3.0 for online. This remarkable upgrade introduces state-of-the-art AI enhancement models meticulously designed for videos, images, and portraits. Alongside enhanced format support, this comprehensive upgrade empowers users to effortlessly obtain high-quality restored photos, ensuring the preservation of their cherished memories.

Advanced AI Models

Version 5.5 enhances three advanced AI models: General Model, Portrait Enhance, and Old Photo Repair. The AI General Model is tailored for various scenarios, excelling in enhancing landscapes, urban architecture. The AI Portrait model works perfectly to automatically recognize and enhance facial features while clearing, denoising, and sharpening images. The AI Old Photo Model has an upgraded algorithm to better address scratches and enhance coloration. Furthermore, the latest version supports up to 8K downloads, offering unparalleled image quality.

The Video Enhancement function boasts a versatile AI model with a wide range of styles, offering options for effective blur removal, noise reduction, and overall video quality enhancement. Users can preview the results and export their videos in stunning 4K resolution for an immersive viewing experience.

This upgraded version seamlessly aligns the online interface and introduces a novel AI Generative Fill function. This function addresses challenges associated with missing image content caused by various physical factors and provides a sophisticated solution.

A Commitment to User-Centric Design

Iris Liu, Brand Director Wondershare, states, “Wondershare Repairit has consistently prioritized user-centric design, focusing on delivering an enhanced product experience characterized by simplicity and intuitive functionality. The latest upgrade goes beyond refining the desktop interface, extending its improvements to the web workbench by consolidating all functions into a unified page and facilitating multi-functional parallel repair capabilities.”

Version 5.5 expands its format support, now accommodating MPG, RSV, BMP, and WEBP formats, providing users with a broader range of options for effective file repair.

Compatibility and Pricing

Wondershare Repairit is a comprehensive repair tool that includes a desktop (compatible with Windows and Mac OS) and an online end, providing an efficient one-stop solution for video, image, audio, file, and email repair. Desktop Repairit is available with price starting from 29.99 USD for the basic toolkit, while online Repairit is available as a subscription or pay-per-use option to fulfill the user’s preference.