Scope AI Corp. (CSE: SCPE) (OTCQB: SCPCF) (FSE: VN8) (“Scope” or the “Company“) is excited to announce its collaboration with several leading ad agencies and ad networks. This initiative aims to gain insights into the primary challenges these organizations face in analyzing the efficacy of different ad creatives and page layouts, as well as the difficulties and costs associated with testing.

These friendly collaborations are part of Scope AI’s commitment to ensuring that the functionality and features of its GEM (General Enterprise Machine Learning) platform are the best market-product fit. By engaging directly with industry professionals, Scope AI is gathering critical feedback to refine and enhance GEM’s capabilities, making it a more valuable tool for advertisers, brands, agencies, and Adtech service providers.

GEM, Scope AI’s flagship product, is designed to revolutionize the advertising technology sector through advanced AI-driven visual recognition and neural network technology. The platform will enable users to streamline processes, maximize return on ad spend, and analyze user behavior through custom neural networks without the need for expensive and risky live campaign testing.

“Our approach is to start with the pain points of our potential users and build solutions based on those insights,” said James Young, CEO of Scope AI Corp. “We believe in understanding the real-world challenges faced by our partners, rather than falling into the common software trap of ‘build it and they will come.’ This collaboration ensures that GEM is not just another tool, but a solution that addresses the specific needs of the advertising community.”

Scope AI’s commitment to innovation and user-centric development is further evidenced by its expanding development team, which is focused on incorporating feedback from these collaborations into the GEM platform. By doing so, Scope AI aims to deliver cutting-edge AI solutions that drive growth, productivity, and campaign performance in the advertising technology sector.