World Economic Forum Annual Meeting – In a groundbreaking move towards AI integrity, EQTY Lab, a leading responsible AI company, proudly announces the release of ClimateGPT on the Hugging Face community AI platform. This integration empowers the global community of developers with a robust AI integrity fabric that authenticates, secures, and governs responsible AI models, seamlessly integrated with the Hedera public ledger.

ClimateGPT is powered by Erasmus.AI and trained with Apptek, is an ensemble of task-specific AI models, designed to bring trust and transparency to the pressing challenges of accurate and authenticated climate data. The solution is available in over 20 languages and includes a groundbreaking 7-billion parameter foundational model with over 300 billion climate-specific tokens, trained and hosted entirely on renewable energy.

By leveraging the capabilities of EQTY Lab’s platform, developers can now access and utilize ClimateGPT to generate innovative solutions that contribute to a more sustainable future. The integration with Hedera, a trusted and secure public blockchain, ensures the highest standards of data integrity. This integration also ensures the sustainability of the project, as an environmental impact study by UCL has proven Hedera to be the most sustainable network.

“Open source AI is vital to creating transparent, safe, and inclusive AI solutions. As we release ClimateGPT, we’re excited to see how contributions from the vibrant Hugging Face developer community align with our efforts to accelerate open science and open climate research using AI,” said Ariana Fowler, Head of Research, EQTY Lab. “Integrating with Hedera ensures that the data and compute used to evolve ClimateGPT, remains accountable and verifiable, reinforcing our commitment to responsible AI development.”

This announcement comes at a pivotal moment during the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, where industry leaders convene to discuss global challenges and collaborative solutions. EQTY Lab’s commitment to providing a responsible AI integrity framework aligns with the meeting’s theme of rebuilding trust. The announcement was made at the Hedera session, ” Using Blockchain to Govern Innovation: From AI to the Future of Money.” 

“ClimateGPT’s integration with EQTY Lab’s responsible AI tooling will enable the AI community to have the tracking of provenance and building of trust that it definitely needs,” said Dr. Leemon Baird, co-founder of Hedera.  “The integration with Hedera underscores the importance of transparency and trust in the AI development process, and is a great illustration of how technological advancements can be responsible and have a positive impact.”