SucceedSmart, the award-winning, AI-driven modern executive search platform, today announced an executive recruitment process outsourcing (eRPO) solution, designed to address the unique challenges of recruiting executives. Traditional RPO providers and staffing companies can now leverage SucceedSmart’s eRPO solution to swiftly and accurately fill director, vice president, and other senior-level roles given to them as a part of broader RPO deals.

In today’s competitive hiring landscape, executive positions are becoming increasingly difficult to fill. The average time to fill an executive role is now over four months, and turnover rates are on the rise. At the same time, data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that overall employment of top executives will grow 3% from 2022 to 2032, with an estimated 311,600 openings for top executives each year.

Corporations often include executive search as part of broader agreements with RPO providers out of convenience and cost-effectiveness. However, RPOs and staffing companies are not fundamentally structured to successfully navigate executive recruitment, leading to difficulties with filling Director, Vice President, and other senior-level roles.

“RPOs and staffing companies focus on mass market and high-volume recruiting and lack experience in managing the complexities of executive search,” said Sanjay Sathé, Founder and CEO of SucceedSmart. “By partnering with SucceedSmart, traditional RPOs can focus on what they’re best at while benefiting from our deep expertise in executive recruitment.”

SucceedSmart’s platform is specifically designed with executive recruitment in mind. A unique blend of proprietary, patent-pending AI, human expertise, and a user-friendly SaaS model quickly and cost-effectively deliver ideal candidates for executive teams. The platform is also modular, configurable, and can be white-labeled to align with specific business needs and requirements.

Rather than navigating the complexities of executive RPO on their own, traditional RPO companies and staffing companies can now quickly and cost-effectively fill executive roles by leveraging SucceedSmart’s eRPO solution. As a result, RPOs and staffing companies can increase client and candidate satisfaction while minimizing penalties and other costs often associated with unfilled roles.

One of the unique, patent-pending ways SucceedSmart connects organizations with qualified executive candidates is by focusing on accomplishments, rather than skills, to identify the best fit. Based on a super-aggregated data set, we use our proprietary, patent-pending accomplishment-based algorithm to match best-fit candidates with open positions. AI-powered technology also eliminates conscious and unconscious bias and promotes diversity in executive recruitment with a “single-blind” approach to candidate matching.

“Most recruiters, traditional RPO providers, and staffing companies evaluate candidates based on skills,” said Sathé. “However, past accomplishments are a critical indicator to predict future success and performance for executive candidates while minimizing bias.”

Additional benefits of partnering with SucceedSmart for eRPO include:

  • Faster hiring time, down from 4-6 months to 4-6 weeks
  • Affordable pricing at a fraction of the cost of traditional executive search
  • More inclusive, unbiased job descriptions crafted by SucceedSmart’s generative AI platform, Taylor
  • Access to qualified, interested, and available candidates based on specific, accomplishment-based job descriptions
  • An AI-powered matching platform modeled after the dating industry approach to help improve the candidate and recruiter experience
  • Confidential candidate profiles until candidates indicate they are interested in outreach by the company
  • Increased diversity and inclusion and reduced bias by delivering candidates in a single-blind approach

Get in touch to learn more about how SucceedSmart’s eRPO solution can help you access qualified, interested, and available executive candidates.