Inceptio Technology (“Inceptio,” or the “Company”), China’s leading developer of autonomous driving technologies for heavy-duty trucks, recently held a ceremony to mark the delivery of its first batch of autonomous heavy-duty trucks to Yunyi Transport, an international express logistics company. Yunyi Transport’s order for 300 heavy-duty trucks equipped with Inceptio’s technology represents the latest step in the large-scale commercialization of autonomous trucks in China.

The 63 trucks delivered to Yunyi Transport are “Tianlong” models co-developed by Inceptio and Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle and pre-installed with Inceptio’s full-stack autonomous driving system. During mass production, the trucks are outfitted with a hardware kit including lidar, millimeter-wave radar, high-definition cameras, and an autonomous driving control unit, as well as software powered by Inceptio’s unique algorithms tailored to heavy-duty truck operation, which provide precise perception and control abilities as well as improved fuel efficiency.

To date, heavy-duty trucks using Inceptio’s Truck Navigate-on-Autopilot (T-NOA) functionality have completed 60 million kilometers of accident-free commercial operations, helping a wide range of companies in the logistics sector save on labor and fuel costs.

Yunyi Transport provides express logistics services in China as well as southeast Asian countries including Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, India, and the Philippines. The company plans to deploy the new autonomous trucks across its nationwide line-haul network in China.

Inceptio founder and CEO Julian Ma said: “Our record-setting delivery to Yunyi Transport marks a key milestone in the large-scale commercial adoption of our autonomous driving technology. Leading express logistics companies increasingly recognize the benefits of autonomous driving, and are racing to implement solutions that help them save on costs, improve efficiency, and maintain safe operations. As more and more customers choose Inceptio’s technology, the exponential growth of our operating data will help us further iterate our algorithms and bring even greater benefits to the industry. It will also provide a solid foundation for us to expand our business internationally in cooperation with our customers and industry partners.”

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