Imagine Learning announces the launch of an innovative Python course in Imagine Robotify, designed for 8th graders. “Flex’s Rescue Training” course marks a significant step in enhancing STEM education within schools, offering an engaging and relevant learning experience for students. As computer science emerges as a mandatory component in high school curricula across eight states, Imagine Learning’s initiative is at the forefront of preparing students for future academic and career opportunities. 

Elevating Coding Education in Schools
This advanced coding course is designed to align with CSTA standards and help set students on the path to fulfilling high school computer science graduation requirements. By merging Python programming with ecological problem-solving, students will experience a hands-on, interdisciplinary approach, enriching their STEM learning journey. 

Advancing Equity in STEM
With a focus on inclusivity, the course aims to engage a broader spectrum of students, particularly girls who traditionally have lower participation rates in computer science. It strives to close the gender gap in STEM fields, offering equitable access to vital 21st-century skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and innovation. 

Comprehensive and Accessible Learning Experience
Imagine Robotify breaks down barriers to computer science education with its browser-based platform, accessible on multiple devices without the need for costly hardware. Featuring over 900 coding challenges and interactive game-based learning, Imagine Robotify makes computer science both comprehensive and exhilarating for young learners. 

Empowering Educators to Foster STEM Excellence
Recognizing the challenges educators face in teaching computer science, Imagine Robotify provides extensive resources and support, especially beneficial for those new to the field. The curriculum, aligned with the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) standards, ensures educators are well-equipped to deliver top-notch STEM instruction. 

Nurturing the 4Cs of STEM in Students: 

  • Critical Thinking: Tackling real-world ecological issues to sharpen analytical abilities. 
  • Creativity: Fostering innovative solutions and resilience in learning. 
  • Collaboration: Building teamwork skills, shared responsibilities, and decision-making. 
  • Communication: Enhancing the ability to articulate ideas and grasp complex concepts. 

“The launch of our advanced Python course in Imagine Robotify marks a significant milestone in our mission to make advanced STEM education accessible to all students,” says Sarah Anderson, Vice President of Product Management, Supplemental at Imagine Learning. “We understand the importance of early exposure to coding and computational thinking in today’s digital age. Therefore, we’ve created a course that not only captivates young minds but also nurtures essential 21st-century skills. Our goal is to empower educators and inspire students, especially girls and those from diverse backgrounds, to explore the limitless possibilities in the world of technology.”