Google Cloud and Eiffage, a leading construction and concessions company in Europe, today announced a strategic partnership to develop and implement AI. The collaboration will foster the adoption of AI in order to boost Eiffage’s teams’ efficiency and ease of working, through a planned technology approach and acculturation strategy.

Leveraging this partnership and using Google Cloud’s data and AI solutions, Eiffage will develop and implement an AI strategy that serves its operations and eases tasks, processes, and activities.

The partnership includes the development of an internal technology platform based on a variety of Google Cloud solutions, such as BigQuery, Apigee, Vertex AI, and Gemini models, and meets the highest standards of security and confidentiality. Eiffage will focus on the design and implementation of concrete use cases. And, importantly, Eiffage’s IT platform will also benefit from the lower-carbon footprint and higher sustainability performance of Google Cloud’s infrastructure, supporting Eiffage’s own sustainability strategy.

The collaboration also includes the creation of data and AI curriculum within Eiffage University as part of an overall acculturation program to technological innovation, with the aim of fostering a better understanding of the technology and its potential, growing the skills and competences of its employees, and ultimately enabling them to own and lead on innovation.

“AI is here to help our teams, regardless of their functions, entities, or geographies. This partnership aims to harness the full potential of our data, leveraging our integrated information system, ERPs widely deployed across the group and various operations to improve efficiency, create value, and drive sustainable growth, while maintaining the highest security standards,” said Jean-Philippe FAURE, Chief Information Officer at Eiffage.

“Eiffage’s AI strategy is based on a strong data foundation, a human-first approach to implementation, open technologies, and built-in security. We are thrilled to support this undertaking and help Eiffage move from AI experimentation to AI construction,” said Isabelle Fraine, Managing Director France at Google Cloud.