• November 29, 2023
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CacheFly, a pioneer in content delivery network (CDN) services, has reported a landmark year with a near doubling of overall customer volume in 2024. This surge in clientele coincides with the company’s consistent top ranking in CDN performance, as confirmed by CDNPerf and Cedexis by Citrix.

A Year of Unprecedented Growth and Industry Recognition

As the retail industry navigates a period of cautious spending, CacheFly CDN has defied trends by significantly expanding its customer base. During the high-stakes promotional holidays of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, CacheFly observed a 12% increase in website traffic over the previous year. This growth indicates a strong consumer preference for fast and reliable online shopping experiences, a domain where CacheFly excels.

Performance That Speaks Volumes:
CacheFly’s leadership in CDN performance is not a fleeting victory but a testament to sustained dedication. The August and October reports by Cedexis underscore CacheFly’s steadfast delivery of top-tier speed and reliability, outshining larger CDNs that have the backing of expansive corporate structures.

Matt Levine, Founder and CTO of CacheFly, comments on the achievement: “These outstanding speed ratings from CDNPerf and Cedexis are a reflection of our unwavering commitment to performance excellence. We’re not just keeping up; we’re setting the pace.”

The Critical Role of Speed in Online Retail

In an economy marked by “an inflection point in consumer spending,” as noted by C.H. Robinson, CacheFly’s performance has been pivotal for retailers. With studies showing that 70% of consumers view page speed as a key factor in their purchasing decisions, CacheFly’s ability to provide the fastest CDN services is more crucial than ever. This is underscored by Google’s findings that a one-second delay in mobile load times can affect conversion rates by up to 20%.

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