SOPHiA GENETICS (Nasdaq: SOPH), a cloud-native healthcare technology company and a global leader in data-driven medicine, today announced that Dhiti Omics Technologies, a precision molecular diagnostics service provider in India, is live on the SOPHiA DDM™ Platform. The company will use SOPHiA GENETICS’ technology to enhance its solid tumor testing capabilities.

Dhiti Omics specializes in molecular diagnostic and genetic testing. By implementing SOPHiA DDM™ for the Agilent SureSelect Cancer CGP application, Dhiti Omics will improve its ability to provide researchers actionable information on mutations and biomarkers across hundreds of genes.

“Our team at Dhiti Omics is passionate about furthering the use of precision medicine and ensuring people in India and throughout the world have access to testing for better health outcomes,” said Sudha N. Rao, Ph.D., Founder and Director of Dhiti Omics Technologies. “Combining high-quality reagents, and powerful analytics into one unique workflow will help us maximize insights from comprehensive genomic profiling data. This will ensure we’re delivering the fastest and most accurate diagnostics to our customer base.”

SOPHiA DDM™ for SureSelect CGP application combines Agilent’s best-in-class genomic profiling assay kit with the SOPHiA DDM™ Platform. Launched in 2023, SureSelect Cancer CGP application offers comprehensive genomic profiling. With the SOPHiA DDM™ AI Platform, Dhiti Omics will have an integrated solution for rapid and accurate insights on the basis of the latest guidelines reflecting relevant biomarkers.

“Our Platform and applications are designed to enable companies like Dhiti Omics to more easily advance precision medicine,” said Ricardo Mendonca Filho, Ph.D., Managing Director, LAPAC, SOPHiA GENETICS. “By using SOPHiA DDM™, Dhiti Omics can ensure speed and accuracy of solid tumor testing to best support the Indian population.”

The combined efforts of Agilent and SOPHiA GENETICS make it possible for companies like Dhiti Omics to facilitate novel approaches to cancer research and diagnostics.

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