Bybit, the world’s second-largest crypto exchanges by trading volume, has updated its iPhone app, expanding its offerings to include a new lock screen widget and expansive tablet version. 

The Bybit app now offers a full-screen trading view for tablets, improved navigation, and powerful functionality, leading to a new trading experience across various devices. Whether using an iPad, an Android tablet, or a foldable screen, you can start a convenient trading journey and unlock endless possibilities.

New Features:

  • Fills multiple device sizes, including iPad, Android tablets, and foldable screens.
  • Vertical and horizontal screen silky switch.
  • Support for split-screen function, making multitasking easy and efficient.

And that’s not all. The Bybit iPhone lock screen widget lets users view market data without unlocking their devices. Designed with simplicity and clarity, the widget provides essential information at a glance, ensuring users stay informed of market movements in real time.

Besides displaying market data, the widget features smooth animations and transitions, making the interaction feel fluid and natural. These detailed design elements make the Bybit user experience the simplest and best in crypto.

Bybit invites all users to explore these new features and watch the tutorial video to get the most out of the iPhone lock screen widget. With these latest additions, Bybit continues to solidify its position as a leading platform in the crypto trading space, dedicated to enhancing user experience and satisfaction.

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