Bitget, a leading crypto exchange and web3 company, announces the first anniversary of its Blockchain4Youth program and launches recap videos of the program. The initiative celebrated a year of driving Web 3.0 adoption among the youth, staying true to Bitget’s core principles of innovation, education, and empowerment. Bitget envisions a more equitable future driven by the crypto revolution, and Blockchain4Youth is a testament to that vision.

Over the past year, Blockchain4Youth has engaged over 6,000 participants and delivered over 54 campus lectures and workshops worldwide. Various events took place in Asia, the Middle East, Oceania, Europe and South America.  The courses connect young participants with the tools and knowledge to understand and utilize blockchain technology, and over 2,000 certificates were issued to participants who completed the courses and passed the test.

The program’s ongoing collaborations with prominent influencers and over 51 universities, including University College London (UCL) in the United Kingdom, National Technological University in Argentina, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia, National Taiwan University’s Blockchain Club, Ateneo De Manila University in the Philippines and many more. The program’s wide reach reinforces the company’s dedication to advancing blockchain education and empowerment initiatives.

Launched in May 2023 with $10 million committed over the following 5 years, Blockchain4Youth has quickly become a beacon of opportunity for Millennials and Generation Z. A study conducted by Bitget indicates that Millennials and Generation Z are pivotal in shaping a crypto-friendly future, with Millennials accounting for 46% of crypto enthusiasts.

Gracy Chen, Managing Director of Bitget, expresses, “Blockchain4Youth’s journey has been remarkable, and the program has transformed blockchain education, making it accessible and practical for the leaders of tomorrow,” remarks Chen. “Our dedication has not only been about imparting knowledge but about cultivating a vibrant community ready to pioneer the transformative applications of blockchain.”

Blockchain4Youth’s future plans include providing more scholarships worldwide and launching more online courses and content featuring different influencers in the field on crypto-related topics to further garner youngster’s attention.

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