GF Securities (Hong Kong) achieves an inflective milestone by successfully issuing fully digitized bonds, becoming one of the pioneering financial institutions to tokenize traditional financial assets in Hong Kong. This innovative product, empowered by ABT Tech Limited (ABT)’s advanced Real World Asset Tokenization Platform marks the key milestone of the first non-custodial wallet institutional tokenization use-case on a public blockchain in the global financial hub.

Since SFC’s “Circular on intermediaries engaging in tokenized securities-related activities” in Nov 2023, GF Securities (Hong Kong)’ issuance of these tokenized assets signifies a notable achievement in adhering to the latest regulations and leveraging blockchain technology for ABT and GF Securities (Hong Kong). This regulated institutional-grade project features Securities and Exchange Commission (SFC) compliant securities tokens safely transacted and stored in client wallets, providing a secured environment for traditional investors to gain exposure in using blockchain wallets. With ABT’s technical support, GF Securities (Hong Kong) is committed to security and safety as the institution marching on its digitalization journey.

Given the intricate regulatory demands on securities, a fully decentralized network may not suffice. Striking the right balance between security and flexibility, ABT’s proprietary Public Permissioned System is tailored for regulated securities. It integrates a robust on-chain governance model with identity, compliance and confidentiality, effectively addressing challenges associated with regulated assets on the blockchain.

As a well-established financial institution, GF Securities (Hong Kong) is the primary collaborator and user of ABT’s RWA Tokenization Platform. This collaboration positions both entities at the forefront of innovation and financial technology in the wave of the global trend of digitalizing traditional financial assets. The collaboration signifies a commitment to revolutionizing traditional finance by harnessing the power of blockchain, setting the stage for a new era in secure, compliant, and technologically advanced asset tokenization solutions.

“To fully realize the blockchain technology’s full potential in the regulated financial world, making the applications easy to use and interact is absolutely essential. It is our goal to collaborate with and learn from the established institutions like GF Securities (Hong Kong) to scale our unique know-hows,” said Dr. Alex Yang, founder of ABT. The ongoing collaboration with GF Securities (Hong Kong) is anticipated to pave the way for further advancements in the financial landscape, offering clients unparalleled opportunities in the evolving digital asset ecosystem. As ABT continues to bridge the gap between traditional sectors and emerging technologies, the horizon for blockchain applications expands, promising a future where the benefits of this transformative technology are accessible to a broader spectrum of businesses and organizations.

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