Breach Secure Now (BSN) and Lyra Technology Group, a leader in advanced technology solutions for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), announces an exclusive partnership. This collaboration introduces BSN’s automated breach prevention and productivity training platform to all MSPs within the Lyra Technology Group family, enhancing their cybersecurity and productivity offerings.

“Since our inception, we have focused on providing MSPs with top-tier solutions for business continuity, productivity, and security,” said Vince Kent, Lyra Technology Group’s CTO. “Our partnership with BSN empowers MSP partners and their clients to leverage technology safely. It allows us to deliver a comprehensive human firewall solution specifically designed for MSPs, protecting against cyber threats and enhancing operational efficiency.”

Lyra Technology Group offers local provisioning, technical support, onboarding, training, and marketing assistance to MSPs. The BSN platform, now part of Lyra’s offerings, has a proven track record of delivering cybersecurity training and services in the USA for over a decade.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Lyra Technology Group and integrate our products into their managed services portfolio,” said Art Gross, CEO of Breach Secure Now. “This partnership expands our reach and allows us to deliver our industry-leading cybersecurity education and productivity training to a broader audience, providing MSPs with comprehensive solutions to meet their clients’ needs.”

This platform for Lyra Technology Group will include:

  • Unlimited Phishing Simulations: Regular simulations to prepare employees for real-world phishing attempts.
  • Weekly Training Content: Ongoing, engaging training modules to keep cybersecurity top-of-mind.
  • Dark Web Monitoring: Continuous monitoring to detect compromised credentials.
  • Policy & Procedure Templates: Ready-to-use templates to quickly establish security policies.
  • Security Risk Assessment: Tools to evaluate and mitigate security risks.
  • Employee Secure Score (ESS): An intuitive dashboard providing instant insight into employee security behaviors.
  • AI Fundamentals Training: Courses on generative AI, chatbots, and ethical considerations.
  • AI Cybersecurity Training: Overviews of AI’s role in cybersecurity, highlighting threats and best practices for identifying AI-generated scams.
  • AI Nanos©: Ultra-compact, sub-60-second videos providing quick tips and tricks for mastering AI.
  • AI Fundamentals Guidebook: A downloadable resource with detailed insights into AI concepts, the CHAT method for prompt creation, and best practices implementation.
  • AI Acceptable Use Policy Template: Guidelines for ethical AI use, ensuring compliance with legal standards and company values.

“We are proud to reinforce our commitment to forward-thinking solutions that enhance security and business operations,” said Art Gross. “Integrating these training solutions ensures that employees are protected and equipped with the skills to work efficiently and securely.” The automated training programs enable MSPs to seamlessly integrate these solutions, providing clients with essential security tools and insights.

Tracie Crites, Chief Channel Officer of BSN, added, “This partnership with Lyra Technology Group exemplifies our commitment to support MSPs with comprehensive, productive training and innovative solutions, ensuring they are equipped to face the evolving cybersecurity environment.”

“Focusing on the human element of security, our solution aims to change behavior and reinforce good cybersecurity habits both in the workplace and beyond,” added Kent. “Through this partnership with BSN, we are creating a more secure eco-system for MSPs.”

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