Grayshift, LLC, a leading and trusted provider of mobile digital forensics solutions, today announced availability and support in the United Kingdom for its powerful cloud-native, multi-tenant forensic analysis solution ArtifactIQ. Supported by Amazon Web Services (AWS), ArtifactIQ enables public safety agencies to access, analyze, and manage digital evidence in near-real time. 

ArtifactIQ streamlines and simplifies digital forensic investigations, accelerates access to actionable intelligence, and facilitates real-time collaboration among investigators, detectives, and prosecutors. Capabilities of ArtifactIQ include:

  • Accelerate
    Powerful speed and data analysis to help solve more cases
  • Simplify
    Automatic GrayKey integration; easy-to-use interface; faster Time-to-First-Fact
  • Analyze
    Follow the data and help identify patterns and connections to keep investigations moving forward
  • Collaborate
    One tool for multiple users; collaborate instantly with investigative staff anywhere
  • Automate
    Tag, collect, and document specific artifacts; generate court usable reports while simplifying the reporting process
  • Manage
    Manage access levels to define who, when, and how data extractions are being viewed and shared with others

“The UK digital forensics and investigation landscape has experienced many changes in recent history. We are excited about the launch of ArtifactIQ in the UK, which aligns with local information security practices, and introduces a powerful cloud-driven approach to digital forensics,” said Paul Baxter, Vice President of International Sales for Grayshift. “ArtifactIQ enables organisations to accelerate their digital investigations, by delivering the first truly cloud-native, multi-tenant collaborative platform.”

Grayshift is a proud member of the Amazon Partner Network. According to Amazon Web Services (AWS), “AWS helps technology partners transform the collection, management, analysis, and use of data. We teamed with partners to introduce new capabilities, increase innovation, improve experiences for the public, and simplify inter-agency collaboration. AWS works with many justice & public safety (JPS) organizations in the UK to make society a safer place through technology. “

Justice and public safety personnel are invited to register for Grayshift’s upcoming webinar “ArtifactIQ by Grayshift Scenario Series” at  Attendees will:

  • Determine how ArtifactIQ can augment current Digital Forensics Workflows in fraud, child exploitation, human trafficking, & online enticement investigations
  • Discover how to process digital evidence in the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today
  • Learn how to reduce Time-to-First-Fact to as little as five minutes
  • Watch a demo of ArtifactIQ
  • Explore recent Innovation Weeks

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