Magene, a leading innovator in cycling technology, is proud to show its latest electronic shifting groupset at EUROBIKE 2024. 

This wireless shifting groupset from Magene comes in both a hydraulic disc brake version and a rim brake version. The shifters are wireless and the front and rear derailleurs are connected to a battery in the seatpost.

Magene reduces the volume and weight of the drive module and uses aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, and carbon fiber to make the groupset lighter and simultaneously ensure product performance.

The compatibility with the 10-12 speed of the groupset ensures that it can be seamlessly integrated into a wide range of bicycles, from road bikes to mountain bikes. This flexibility makes the Magene electronic shifting meet the needs of 10-12 speed bikers who can upgrade electronic shifting without replacing other accessories.

Magene groupset adopts 2.4G private protocol, which achieves low power consumption and stable operation without increasing battery capacity and does not affect signal strength and response speed, thus effectively extending the battery life, more than 30% longer than others, up to 2500km. It ensures that riders enjoy the benefits of electronic shifting without worrying about frequent battery replacements, making it a reliable companion on the road or trail.

Each shifter of the groupset has three buttons, two outer buttons control the shifting as well as another button on the inside which can be set for your preferred functions through the app. Compared with the traditional shifter, there are more keys and each key can define functions like working with a bike computer, taillights, or headlights.

This groupset is coming to market in China this year but won’t come to market in the West until next year.

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