Hookii, a trailblazer in AI service robots, is proud to announce the upcoming launch of the Neomow X, a robotic lawn mower using innovative technology to make lawn care more efficient, convenient and eco-friendly. This groundbreaking product, Neomow X, achieved significant funding on the Kickstarter platform and made its debut at Spoga-Gafa 2024. It will be officially launched this coming July.

Recently awarded the Plus X Award 2024 in Innovation, High Quality, Design, Ease of Use and Functionality, Neomow X is the industry’s first robotic lawn mower utilizing 3D LiDAR SLAM + Vision Fusion system, making it one of the top winners in the smart lawnmower category of the awards.


The robotic lawn mower industry commonly uses RTK base stations and UWB signal poles for boundary delineation, which involves complex operations and requires users to invest a significant amount of time learning. Common robotic lawn mowers also frequently lose signal under the canopy of a tree or near a tall structure/building, and the mowers would stop operating until the signals are re-established. Hookii’s LiDAR SLAM technology perfectly addresses these challenges. It integrates mapping, localization, obstacle avoidance, and other functions, eliminating the need for pole installation and wiring. Its stable, light- and obstruction-independent signals enable a truly hands-off user experience.

With the Neomow X app, users can effortlessly create virtual boundaries, designate no-go zones, and plot pathways. After setting the mowing mode and schedule, Neomow X operates autonomously, systematically handling the maintenance of the lawn.

The obstacle avoidance systems make Neomow X even smarter, integrated with 360-degree FOV laser radar, 70-degree vision recognition and 144-degree physical bumper protection. This enables Neomow X to adeptly maneuver around obstacles, providing a seamless mowing experience without concerns.

“With innovative technologies and user-centric product development strategy, we are providing the market with smarter robotic lawn mower, harnessing the power of three core technologies: navigation and perception, hardware architecture, and application development.” said Ricky Liu, CEO of Hookii, “Hookii has been deeply engaged in developing these technologies for years, elevating the standards of lawn care to unprecedented levels.”

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