BitStore is making significant strides in the cryptocurrency card sector, offering a suite of services that blend traditional financial ease with the cutting-edge world of digital currencies tailor made for projects or brands. Our card services support multiple card BINs from different countries and regions, including the US and Hong Kong, catering to a global audience. What sets us apart is our commitment to user convenience, underscored by flexible registration processes for our virtual Visa and MasterCard offerings. This approach ensures a swift, minimal-information-required setup, ideal for users who value speed and privacy.

In line with our vision to continually enhance user experience, we’re excited to announce the imminent launch of the $STORE back program. This initiative is designed to reward our users for their loyalty and ongoing support.

Cobranding, Custom Card Design and Personalized URL Services

Bit.Store recognizes the unique needs of crypto projects and has developed a range of services to meet these demands. Central to its B2B offerings is the ability for crypto projects to list their tokens on the Bit.Store platform.

A highlight of Bit.Store’s B2B services is the cobranding, custom card design and personalized URL offerings. Projects can now collaborate with Bit.Store to create co-branded cards that resonate with their brand identity and user base. These cards aren’t just a payment tool; they’re a symbol of the project’s brand, extending its presence into the everyday lives of its users.

Furthermore, Bit.Store is introducing personalized URL services. For instance, projects like ORDI, RATS, and SATS will have dedicated URLs like This personalized approach makes it effortless for users to sign up, create an account, and obtain a uniquely designed card associated with their preferred project.

Enhancing Project Reach and User Experience

The introduction of these B2B services by Bit.Store is more than just a functional enhancement. It’s a strategic move to deepen the connection between crypto projects and their communities. By offering a tangible and personalized element through co-branded cards or white label solutions, projects can elevate their user experience and foster stronger brand loyalty.

Future Prospects and Growth

As Bit.Store continues to expand its offerings, the focus remains on innovation and user-centric solutions. The company is committed to working closely with crypto projects, understanding their unique visions, and translating them into practical and engaging user experiences.

Crypto projects looking to leverage these opportunities are encouraged to explore Bit.Store’s B2B services. With its robust platform, creative solutions, and commitment to collaboration, Bit.Store is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of crypto project engagement and outreach.

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